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Traveller Guide




Driving in Bulgaria




With a population of 7 300 000 people and a surface area of nearly 111 000 square kilometers, Bulgaria is a relatively small country. You can travel to any point in it, within six hours by car. The total length of the road network is around 19 500 km. The seaside resorts of Varna and Burgas are well-connected with the capital Sofia and could be easily reached by bus, train or car. The official currency in Bulgaria is the Lev (BGN), but in many situations especially in tourist resorts major foreign currencies might be accepted as well.


Rent a car requirements:

In order to rent a car you must be at least 21 years old and in a possession of a valid driving license for at least a year. You must present your valid ID as well. In some cases you might be charged additionally a so called “young driver fee”.


Speed limits:

The maximum allowed speed in Bulgaria are as follows:

  • Town and city: 50 km/h 
  • Open Roads: 80 km/h
  • Motorways: 120 km/h


Traffic rules:

Bulgaria has right hand traffic. The use of seatbelts is mandatory for all passengers, with the exception of women, who are pregnant. Car drivers should always give way to passengers on zebra crossings. You should keep in mind that part of the roads in Bulgaria is underdeveloped and some road signs and markings could be missing. In the countryside there is a danger of animals crossing the roads.

In case of accidents, for which the drivers are responsible the penalties could vary from 25 dollars to a life imprisonment depending on the severity of the accident. In emergency situation you can call 112.


Road fees:

In order to drive in Bulgaria you need a so called vignette, which is a small sticker that indicates that you have paid a fee that is required in order to drive outside urban areas in the country. The price of the vignette, in most cases will be included in your rental car price, so that you do not need to pay separately. 


Gas Stations:

Gas stations are situated along the roads and are pretty easy to find. Most of them have a fixed time schedule and are not open during the night, but some especially those in and near the capital and the larger cities are open 24 hours. 



Airports in Bulgaria



Sofia Airport:

Sofia airport is the biggest and the busiest airport in Bulgaria. It is located east from the center of the city. Every year the airport is used by more than 3 500 000 travelers, most of them flying internationally. The airport has two terminals – the first one built in 1935 and the second in 2006. Moto Pfohe Rent a Car has an office on the second terminal, where we can offer you a full portfolio of our cars and services.

Moto Pfohe Rent a Car offers you transfer services from the airport to any point in Sofia or in the country.

In addition to that we can offer you many extra services such as Chauffeur service, car delivery to any address in the city and rent a car without advance reservations.


Varna Airport:

Varna Airport is the second biggest in Bulgaria. It is located northwest from the center of the city, near the town of Aksakovo. The center is situated 8km away from the airport and it could be reached with car along bul. Vladislav Varnenchik – one of the main streets in Varna. The airport is on average used by 1 100 000 travelers per year. The airport is busy mostly in the summer, when Varna is visited by large number of tourists.

Moto Pfohe Rent A Car has an office that is located on the airport and we offer rental cars with which you can reach any point of the city, fast and easy. In addition to that you can travel to a large number of resort areas, which are located in the vicinity of Varna. Some of them include – Albena, Balchik, Obzor, Golden Sands etc. they could easily be reached with an automobile.

As extras to your rented car we can offer you additional accessories such as navigational system, child seat and cargo box.