Rental terms

Car Rental Terms & Conditions


Renters personal requirements

Renter and additional drivers must be minimum 25 years old and provide valid identity card or passport, and driving license valid in the country, held for at least one year. Photocopied documents or documents sent by fax are not acceptable. The rented vehicle may be driven only by persons listed in the contract and authorized by MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car. Hiring a car groups B, L, E, I, P, P1 Renter and additional drivers must be minimum 21 years old. 

For Non-EU citizens an international drivers license has to be presented by pick up the car. In case of stay in Bulgaria less than six months, a regular drivers license is acceptable only with a copy of the boarding pass or stamp in the passport, validating the date of entering the county.

Rental Period: Rates are based on 24 hour period, applicable grace period 2 hours.

Method of Payment: All major credit cards are acceptable: Visa - MasterCard 

The credit card should be in the renters own name with available credit. Cash deposits are acceptable only for group B, as the deposit amount depends on the rental period. Cash payment for all other groups of vehicles is allowed only at time of return.


Liability, insurance and additional insurance cover

Third Party Liability is included in the rental rate and the car is covered according to the Bulgarian law. Copy of this document is available in the car for inspection.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) are included in the car rental rate and limit the renter’s liability to the Excess amount if rental vehicle gets damaged or lost following theft according to the Rental Agreement conditions.

Excess: Since CDW and TP are included in the rental rate, the renter’s maximum responsibility in case of damage or theft to the rented vehicle is the sum of money called Excess. Scratch (only one) up to 5 cm will not be a subject of a Damage Excess and will not be described in the check list.

The SECURITY DEPOSIT is deductible and varies on different car groups:


Group B, E, I, L E1, D ,K, C1, P, P1 R, R1, F, S6, V6, N, N1, S, U, W S9, H, X, EVM
 Deposit  480€  600 €  900€  1400€  2000€


Medium cover: This non-refundable daily charge reduces the security deposit and limits the amount of "own liability" in case of damage and theft. This policy covers damage to one detail of the vehicle. The windshield and tires are not covered.



B, E, I, L

Е1, D, K, C1, P, P1

R, R1, F, S6, V6, N, N1, S, U, W

S9, H, X, EVM


Medium cover













Full Cover: This non-refundable daily chargereduces the security deposit, removes payment of "own liability" in case of damage and theft. Covers windshield and tires. 



B, E, I, L

Е1, D, K, C1, P, P1

R, R1, F, S6, V6, N, N1, S, U,W

S9, H, X, EVM


Full cover


15.60 €/ден

18.00 €/day










0.00 €


0.00 €

0.00 €

0.00 €


CDW and TP insurance, as well as the payment of Medium Cover  or Full Cover does not relieve the renter of the obligation to inform MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car immediately for an event, and to obtain and provide all needed documents from the Police authorities in case of accident or theft. 


Please note

There is no coverage and the renter should pay the total amount of damages or losses in the following cases:

  • The damage or theft of the vehicle is not reported to the Police and MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car immediately and a written police report provided;
  • The car keys and documents are not returned in the event of theft;
  • Theft, loss or damage of exterior and interior parts, documents, accessories, Navigarion System, antenna, wipers, mirrors, signs;
  • Damage on the rims and underbody of the vehicle, theft of tires and wheel covers.
  • Damage caused to the rented vehicle because of off road driving;
  • Any event resulting from alcohol or drug abuse;
  • Vehicles is used by unauthorized driver or the driver does not posses the required driver’s license;
  • Smuggling of goods or people;
  • Any unauthorized repairs.

In case of damage or theft of the car the Renter is obligated to provide all needed documents from the Police authorities. Otherwise the Renter is liable for the full amount for the respective damages or insurance amount in case of total loss or theft.

Lost car documents, Lost car keys: A fine of € 240 applies (incl. loss of CD/Radio panel).


Additional services and surcharges

Additional Driver: 4.80 €/day – Max price: 48.00 €.

Young Driver Supplement: Drivers aged between 21 and 24 are required to pay a "Young Driver Supplement" surcharge of € 6.00 per day.

Additional special equipment rental:


Extras Price per day Max price
GPS Navigation   € 6.00  € 60.00
Infant safety seat  € 4.80  € 48.00
Toddler safety seat  € 4.80  € 48.00
Booster  € 4.80  € 48.00


Delivery/Collection within city limits: € 12.00

Delivery/Collection outside city limits: There are fixed charges between cities with MOTO-PFOHE locations:

  • up to 200km – € 102;
  • between 200 - 300km – € 144;
  • more than 300km – € 186.

One Way Rentals: Allowed on request. There are fixed charges between cities with MOTO-PFOHE locations:

  • up to 200km – € 102;
  • between 200 - 300km – € 144;
  • more than 300km – € 186.

If the one-way is not authorized the penalty amount is € 240.

For monthly rentals with limited mileage, the price for over-limit mileage is 0.15 €/km.

Traveling Abroad: Only after prior approval from the Head Office and a written request from the customer with detailed travel information. Tax abroad is chargeable once per rental or once per month for long term rentals.  


Group B, L, E, I, P, P1 C1, K, D, E1, F, V6, S6,  R, R1, X, H, J, S, U, W, N1, N, EVM
Price € 72 € 96 € 180


Out of Hours Rental: Meet late arrival service is offered at any station upon request. Flight number is mandatory for airport locations. The charges are: € 30.

Chauffeur Drive Service: Available on request. Please call our Head Office for details.

Long Term Rentals: Please contact our Head Office for a special offer.

Fuel: The car is rented with full tank and the fuel consumption is on renter’s expenses. If you return the car with less fuel, the missing fuel will be charged € 2,52 per liter. There is an option to prepay a full tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental at the price at the gas stations. The electric car is rented with a battery level of not less than 80%. In case the battery level is lower than 80% upon returning the car, an additional charge of €0.96 is applied for each missing percentage of battery.

The Lessee is responsible for any administrative fines and/or for other administrative sanctions, imposed due to the use and driving of the vehicle and for every individual case the Lessee owes the Lessor their payment in full together with an additional fee of € 24.


Penalty for smoking in vehicles - a fine of € 96 applies

Penalty for polluted interior - € 96. This charge applies when the car is returned by the renter with a polluted interior that requires deep clean.

All rates and charges are in EURO and include VAT