Operating Lease of Cars

Operating Lease of Cars





Full services operating Lease of Cars



Transportation solutions and fleet management have become today a vital part of every business.The company employees need more than ever the flexibility to be whenever or wherever the client or the need is. The need of transport resources typically requires a lot of initial capital as well as other company resources as to support and maintain the company vehicle fleet.

That is why we offer you safety mobility solutions with our flexible leasing packages.


Favorable Fiscal Treatment

  • Deductibility of leasing payments from the company incomes
  • Postponing the VAT payments during the leasing period
  • The vehicle is not on the list of your company balance sheet, thereby you do not increase your assets.


Efficient Use of Financial Resources

  • The operational leasing allows you to use your own financial resources in order to develop other investments or projects with higher yields
  • Fixed (equal) monthly payments throughout the lease term give you  more control in budgeting and cash flow management
  • The operational leasing allows you to acquire the assets you need without depleting your lines of credit
  • One invoice per month for all transportation costs, included in the chosen leasing package.

Quick and Easy Access

  • Getting a leasing contract is a faster process (comparing to a bank credit)
  • Leasing is accessible to larger segments of users
  • At the end of the leasing period you simply return the car in Moto-Pfohe.



Full Service Leasing



Depending on your personal needs our team will develop for you flexible leasing packages, which will include the preferred combination of additional services as:

  • Car registration
  • Insurances
  • Road Assistance
  • Full vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle Tax
  • Vignette
  • Annual Technical Inspection
  • Tires change and storage
  • Replacement car  

And this is not everything

It is not only the specific cost of car maintenance, insurance, tires change etc. that matters. Skillful management and services we offer in addition will save your time and efforts, so that you can focus on your core business:

  • One point of contact for all activities connected to the car exploitation
  • Insurance management – communication with the insurance company, arranging the issue of insurance polices, renewing the polices during the entire leasing period, registering of insurance events, arranging of insurance inspections and reports
  • Service management – arranging of service appointments, arranging and follow-up the repairs, service book keeping
  • Delivery/collection the car to and from your office.



Why Leasing from MOTO-PFOHE Leassing



  • Because we offer the full range of Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, imported by MOTO-PFOHE Ltd. – passenger cars, passenger and commercial vans and minivans, pick-ups, limousines, four wheel drive vehicles
  • Because our synergy with MOTO-PFOHE Ltd. – one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian automotive market, helps us to provide you with the best leasing conditions
  • Because our leasing schemes are up to 5 years period
  • Because we have developed flexible packages of additional services, included in the leasing payments – car registration, insurances, vehicle taxes and fees, replacement cars, insurance and service management
  • Because we are able to operate your car fleet without auxiliary and unpredictable risks for you
  • Because we rely on MOTO-PFOHE’s service network – 15 trade and service facilities throughout thecountry
  • Because you have one point of contact for all activities connected to the vehicle’s exploitation, insurance, etc.
  • Because our replacement vehicles program guarantee your safety and continuity of the working process.


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