Rent a Car in Varna

Rent a Car in Varna




The MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car team presents to your attention the option to rent a car in Varna, where we have an office.

All customers have the option to choose between two of the most popular models of the Ford brand - the economic Fiesta and the bestseller in the compact class - Focus. The vehicles have outstanding performance characteristics and will certainly match even your highest expectations. The traditional quality, convenience, ergonomics and efficiency typical for the brand are present in Fiesta and Focus, which makes them the most suitable and practical choice.



Additional extras and cars for rent in Varna



In order to fully enjoy the use of the MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car car rentals in Varna, our team has prepared an extensive portfolio of additional services which you can use. At your disposal are accessories like:

  • GPS navigation systems;
  • Additional rooftop cargo carriers;
  • baby and children car seats.

Depending on your needs we can provide a car with a driver as well as to organize a transfer to a destination selected by you. We are ready to supply a booked car to a specific location if you are unable to visit our office at the Varna Airport.



Long term car rental



Long term car rental is also among the multiple options that you can choose from. Our company’s team offers flexible solutions at attractive prices and personalized and professional service will certainly contribute to a fully positive experience.

If you still have not made your choice in regards to where you are going to stay or which places to visit, the rented car will certainly make things easier for you, since the area around Varna, a city also known as the Maritime Capital of Bulgaria, is dotted with resorts and magnificent locations. Shabla, Kavarna, Albena Resort Complex, Balchik, Golden Sands Resort Complex, Kranevo, Shkorpilovtsi, Byala, Obzor, as well as many beaches, golf courses and picturesque places, are within several dozen kilometres of Varna, and all those are easily reachable by car rental from Varna

car rental varna

 Cathedral “The Assumption of Holy Mother” - Varna, Bulgaria


Ask for your car from MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car and book as early as today! Our team welcomes customers but always sends off friends!




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