Renewed corporate identity

Renewed corporate identity




Because of our extensive past experience with our customers, partners and employees, we have come to the conclusion that MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car needs a new, fresh start. Our main motivation for a change is the desire for our corporate identity to correspond unconditionally to the sector in which we have positioned our core business.



Renewed corporate identity



This is an exciting change for us, as it has been part of our development over the past 14 years and is consistent with our new strategy of positioning MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car as a well-established leader in the provision of car rental and mobility services in Bulgaria. Our new logo contributes visually to this important for us transformation.

Despite the renewed corporate identity, we remain the same loyal company our customers have trusted. In our new corporate design, we are striving to demonstrate the company's stability and to emphasize our professionalism along with our bold vision for growth.

Our new logo is an evolution of the previous one. The sense of continuity is achieved by the preserved familiar colours, while the graphic has been elevated to a new, modern level.

The symmetry of the writing prompts reliability and quality, which are part of the main principles of our company.


New Offices

By implementing our new corporate identity, we are also expanding our autopark so we can offer a growing choice of luxury and high-quality cars to our customers.

Owing to the expansion of the company's activity and our striving for a fast and optimal service experience, several new offices in Bulgaria will soon open their doors for you. With the increasing number of offices in the country, we enable more and more customers to benefit from our services!



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