Minivan rental cars

Minivan rental cars




Minivan rental cars is a service which has been offered consistently for a long time and is a part of the line-up of car rentals which MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car offers its clients.

The range of Ford passenger vans includes three models which are precisely positioned to satisfy all your needs. If you choose the Tourneo Custom, Galaxy or S-MAX models, you will be pleasantly surprised by the incredible combination of practicality, comfort and modern technologies which is emblematic for the minivans of the Ford family and makes them the most intelligent choice for you.



Rent a Minivan (7 to 9 seats)



Tourneo Custom - space and luxury interior

The largest vehicle amongst our passenger vans offers is Tourneo Custom. The model is distinctive with its innovative design which clearly emphasises that it belongs to the Ford brand and makes it an excellent choice when you need a passenger van for representative purposes. The impressive amount of interior space and the cleverly designed luxury interior will leave you with an excellent first impression after your first contact with the car. The Tourneo Custom is offered in a 9-seat version with plenty of luggage space which make it suitable for a fast and convenient transfer between two locations or a long business trip, while the innovative technologies and safety systems guarantee your comfort, ease and safety while driving.

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Ford Galaxy - distinctive and dynamic design

The next offer among the Ford models is Galaxy. This model has traditionally been a best-seller in its market segment for more than two decades which is not a surprise at all given its qualities. The latest generation of Ford Galaxy stands out with its distinctive and dynamic design, both exterior and interior, with modern lines combined with most practical interior that contains seven fully functional seats. The interior flexibility allows the second and third row seats to be folded individually in seconds. The level of active and passive safety of the model is among the best in this car class, and the pleasure of travelling is unsurpassed.

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Ford S-MAX - pleasure and convenience

The third Ford model at your disposal is the great S-MAX - an incredible car which combines a sporty spirit with the convenience of a large family car. The cutting edge design suggests S-MAX's character. Its handling on the road gives great driving pleasure and these features of the models are not at the cost of less comfort and functionality it offers. The seven separate seats on board S-MAX can be configured according to your individual needs and the third and second row of seats can be completely folded in like in the Galaxy model.

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The Ford minivan rentals offered by MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car are always available and user's satisfaction is guaranteed.



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