Car Rental at Burgas Airport

Car Rental at Burgas Airport




Renting a car from Burgas Airport is a fast, secure and reliable way to get to the city, to a resort you want and, in fact - wherever you want. Burgas Airport is the second busiest airport on the territory of Bulgaria. In a dynamic atmosphere filled with crowds in a hurry, overfull waiting rooms and unreliable shipments, you can easily get nervous of wasting precious time and paying an unjustifiably high price for transport.  MOTO-PFOHE Rent-a-Car aims at removing this discomfort to all tourists, city guests or locals who have decided to come home. 

The rental cars we offer in Burgas are at your disposal any time of the day. All you have to do is contact us before your arrival to clarify all the details about your trip and your specific needs.



What kind of a car you can rent?



We did take care of providing you the widest possible choice of types and brands of car rental at Burgas airport that meet the requirements of our individual customers. Our rich fleet has got the following:

  • Small urban cars
  • Larger family-friendly cars
  • Larger-sized cars such as buses and vans
  • Luxury, impressive rental cars of a higher class
  • Off-road vehicles;
  • Trucks with different capacity.

Do share your needs and we will advise you and recommend the best rental car for you. We are here to help you get the right vehicle you need, compliant with the number of passengers, luggage, number of children and/or pets, as well as your health, if your state requires particular accommodation in the passenger compartment. 



The advantages of a rental car from Burgas Airport



Car driving brings a lot of advantages over other alternatives such as public transport or taxi services:


  1. Security - you will not have to wait for bus or a taxi that is getting late and confusing your plans.
  2. Independence - you yourself will be able to choose the time and place of departure, as well as the route, music and temperature in the car.
  3. Comfort - with car rental you can meet all your needs and get the maximum comfort.
  4. Predictability - you will know preliminary the specific amount of transport you have to pay for a certain period or route. No unanticipated surcharges from taxi drivers, no fraud, no compromise on quality of service.



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