Long term car rental

Long term car rental




For long term car rental we have special discounts and we can tailor our offer according to your needs, wants and demands. If you need to rent a car for a period of time longer than a month, please contact one of our customer advisors directly.



Hire a car for a month or longer



For customers looking for passenger or cargo van rental, will gladly offer our long-term lease. We have a wide range of new cars and plenty of additional services and upgrades. All of them are kept in excellent technical condition, which guarantees the safety and the comfort of your travel.


In any case our offer long term car rental will include all of the following:

  • Replacement vehicle program if your car breaks down;
  • A possibility for immediate delivery to every location within the territory of Bulgaria;
  • Maintenance and servicing costs included;
  • Paid road fees;
  • No mileage limits;
  • The longer the rental period, the higher the discount that we are going to offer you;
  • A possibility to end the contract at any time, without penalty fees. 


Book your monthly car rental

For more information on this service or to make a booking, simply email rentacar@motopfohe.bg Offers and prices for a long term car rental  are valid for a period more than 28 days.