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Cargo van rental in Sofia and across Bulgaria from MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car. From the new Ford Transit you will find everything you expect from a cargo van. 

The Ford Duratorq diesel engine TDCI are among the most advanced and efficient in the market. They not only work powerfully and reliably, but also offer excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions.

It is designed to carry most heavy loads

If the load capacity is particularly important for your business, or you are planning to transport cargo (or closte to) the maximum weight, Ford's representative can help you.

  • Three lengths for loading;
  • Two roof heights;
  • The choice between front-wheel (FWD), rear (RWD) and AWD drive;
  • Full weight between 2,900 and 4.700 kg.;
  • Total weight with trailer to 7.000 kg.
  • Towing a trailer of up to 3.5 tonne.

Loading is even more easily.

Behind the Transit's metal barrier you will find up to 15.1 cubic meters of safely cargo space. Nearly vertical sidewalls, flat floor and length loading of up to 4.256 mm in the version of "Jumbo" means that you can ship your items with standard lengths, such as pipes.

Access is quick and easy thanks to the wide opening sliding side door and step built into the rear bumper. A robust and easy to clean underneath helps to protect your van and cargo.


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*The cargo van rental price is valid for a period more than 21 days / VAT not Included / 



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