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MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car, the youngest company of MOTO-PFOHE Group. We have been operating for 15 successful years on the market, delivering mobility services – short and long-term rentals and full service operational leasing of passenger cars and vans, and commercial vehicles. MOTO-PFOHE Rent a Car has established itself as one of the leading car rental companies in Bulgaria.



Our strenghts



  • Quality of the services provided;
  • We provide superior car rental service with brand new vehicles, maintained in a perfect repair that guarantees safe and pleasant driving experience;
  • We are dedicated to ensuring an added value to every single car rental that earns our customers trust and satisfaction;
  • Synergy with MOTO-PFOHE – the biggest car dealer in Bulgaria – support, reputation, dealership and customer network;
  • Rich and diverse car fleet - with four brands – Ford, Volvo, Land Rover, and Jaguar – the company is able to offer a full range of models, including passenger cars and vans, 4x4 vehicles, SUVs, and also commercial vehicles;
  • Wide range of tailor made services;
  • Competitive car rental rates. 



Our Strategy and Promise



To provide complex, innovative and flexible services to the business and individual customers and to satisfy their mobility needs.

We always put our clients' interests first.



Wide range of vehicles



The portfolio of the mobility services, provided by the company, includes mainly short and long-term car rentals.

Short term car rentals are from one, two days till couple of months. Depending on the rental period are developed different price levels, that have the following logic: longer rental period - lower price.

The short term rental or the rent a car service is provided in all cities with MOTO-PFOHE locations/ branches as well as in the most popular tourist destinations and big Airports in the country. Currently it is available at Sofia Airport, Sofia downtown and Varna.

The company offers also special services as delivery and collection of cars to/from requested address.