Refrigerated van rental

Refrigerated van rental




MOTO PFOHE Rent a Car aims to develop in precise synchrony with the needs and demands of its customers. After a continuous and successful implementation of our cargo vehicle rental services, we decided to enrich them with a new, modern addition - a refrigerated van for rent.

Enriching our fleet with this practical and multi-purpose vehicle is meant to provide even more uncompromising and professional service. Because we know that some goods are more sensitive than others and that the way they are being transported is vitally important.


What are the purposes of a refrigerated minibus rental?


MOTO PFOHE Rent a Car provides refrigerated vans for both short-term and long-term purposes. This means that you can use a refrigerated minibus both as a single ride for some thermosensitive goods, and as a means for developing a seasonal business. Here are some of the significant cases when it's strongly advisable to hire a refrigerated van:

  • For transporting fresh products (fruit, vegetables, meats, etc.) in order to maintain their perfect commercial appearance;
  • For transporting frozen goods from one point to another, without their quality being damaged in the meantime;
  • For transporting thermally sensitive goods - chocolates, delicate sweets, cooked foods, etc.;
  • For transporting freshly picked herbs, mushrooms, spices, berries or other uncultivated products from their natural habitat to a given processing point or commercial site.


What do you get when you request a refrigerated van rental?


When contacting us for a short-term or long-term rent of a refrigerated bus, you can expect:

  • A refrigerated minivan up to 2 tons in a flawless technical condition;
  • Temperatures from -20 to +20 degrees, depending on your needs and preferences;
  • Personalized pricing offer, tailored to the duration of the rental and written down in a clear, professional contract.


At pre-order MOTO PFOHE Rent a Car rents refrigerated buses with extra features such as GPS navigation, baby or child chair and more. In case you have any specific questions or requirements, share them with us so we can provide you with everything you need.

You can request your refrigerated van for rent on our website or by emailing your inquiry directly to


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