First look at Land Rover Discovery

First look at Land Rover Discovery


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Land Rover will present its sixth generation of the model Discovery for first time in 2016.

The new Discovery will weight less than its predecessor, but will combine modern design with the newest technologies in the car industry. The interior equipment will also be on more advanced level, while the practicality of the old model will be maintained.

Discovery 2016 will be offered in two main versions – five-seater and seven-seater.

Recently Land Rover experiments with various new modifications, trying to increase its share on the global SUV market, that is expected to reach 20 million new cars per year in 2020.


What else has Land Rover said about the new 2017 Discovery?

The new version will include modern technologies, such as laser scanner for the road ahead, which will automatically set up the suspension of the car, depending on the texture of the road, so that the most comfortable ride is available for the passengers at all times. In addition to that, there will be a system, which will help the driver to park in tight spaces.

For now however there is no information for planned hybrid version of the new Discovery.


When will we find out more?

Not much remains to complete disclosure of the sixth generation Discovery. It will be presented on September 28th, just ahead of the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

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